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There are 3 steps necessary to successful color managementProfiling your Monitor is “Step #1”.  But let’s face it:  the main reasons most people avoid profiling their monitor are because they’ve got to buy something, and they think it’s too complicated.

The truth is, it can be quite simple to get your monitor to match the output of your printer.  All you need are the right tools, the main one being a Monitor Profiling package,  which consists of a piece of hardware called a colorimeter (it looks like a pregnant computer mouse), and the software to go with it.

While there are costly and sophisticated Monitor Profiling packages out there in the marketplace, they tend to be overkill for the average user.  I recommend the ones discussed in this article – they’re easy to use, and one option is surprisingly affordable.

By the way, if you’re new to Color Management, or want to know more about the process (and see how easy it is to profile your monitor), here’s a link to my FREE PDF, “The 3 Steps to Successful Color Management” –   Click here

Here are 3 recommendations for Monitor Profiling packages:

1)  I’m very partial to the X-Rite Eye One Display 2, and this is a perfect time to think about buying one, as the price is about half of what it used to be.  It’s technically a “discontinued” item, which is why the price has dropped quite a bit lately ( to $110-$125, new and used).  But don’t let that deter you – I’ve used this product for years – this is a robust piece of gear that has a great track record.  There is one down side – it will not work on Mac’s OS 10.8 (or higher) or Windows 8.

When searching on Google, etc,  search for  both  “eye one display 2” and “i1 display 2” – There are also some “private label” ones floating around out there (Fuji, Pantone, etc), and these work just fine.  To get you started,  for Ebay Click here   – –  for Amazon Click here

More than likely the software that it comes with is not the most recent version – For up-to-date Software from X-Rite (free)  Click here


2)  X-Rite i1 Display Pro –   This is the “replacement” for the venerable Eye One Display 2.  It costs around$250, and has advanced features that you may not need, but works on Mac OS 10.8 (or higher)  and Windows 8.   Click here


3) Datacolor Spyder4Elite – Around $250 – Although the package does an excellent job, I personally don’t think the software is as user-friendly as the X-Rite product, nor can I find it at a heavily discounted price.   Click here


For a comparison of  Spyder4Elite vs i1 Display Pro, here’s a Google search – Enjoy!   Click here


Questions?  Email me – – Thx, and cheers,

John 🙂


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