“Study” Video – Photoshop 101, Class 1: The Foundation




 New to Photoshop? Need to brush up on the basics? Then you should watch this video to learn some foundational stuff!


•  This is the first of 5 free “I-just-got-Photoshop-now-what” online Meetups – recorded live, ALL focusing on the fundamentals.


•  Think of this Meetup as the Roadmap to Photoshop – – I’ll show you how to effectively navigate through a complex program, showing those functions you really need and want as a photographer. You’ll learn what’s important and what you can ignore. Without this Roadmap, you’ll truly be lost.


•  We’re going to talk about a whole range of subjects such as proper Workflow, setting up all of your various preferences, effectively using your Workspace, an in-depth look at the most important Panels, how to properly save your files, and much more.


•  You can download copious notes (see link above), including a Table of Contents – – just in case you cannot watch it all in one sitting, or need to refer back to it (and you will!).


•  Think of it as a “study” video, if you will – heck, it’s an hour & seven minutes long!  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!   So, perhaps watch this in 10 to 20 minute segments? …


•  Also, unlike the “live” event, you’ll see full-on annotations, key points highlighted, and other stuff not seen at the time of recording – enjoy!




For a free PDF of the extensive notes
that accompany the video below
(including a Table of Contents), click here:


(Some of the URL links in the notes may be expired)




This video was recorded live on July 8th, 2020
via the San Diego Photoshop Meetup:


Total length: 1 hour & 7 minutes long




•  Here’s more info about my free live & online Photoshop Meetups:



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