One RAW File vs. An HDR Composite?

Here’s a letter from one of my clients: Hi John, Thanks much for the post on HDR – that looks like wonderful software!  A question: If I shoot in RAW, isn’t there enough dynamic range in one RAW file to achieve the same results?  Just wondering… Ann S. Great question, Ann! The short answer: No. Even shooting in RAW, one file cannot get the full dynamic range available to you in a composite HDR image. To further explain, let’s talk about the dynamic range of the sensors in most modern digital cameras… A typical D-SLR has a dynamic range of

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“HDR – The ‘Missing Link’ in Photoshop and Digital Imaging?”

For those of us from the “old school” of photography, one of the things we miss most about film was the large Dynamic Range that was available to us – – It’s just missing in most DSLR’s and digital images.  How to make up for this?  Explore High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography! High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images could very well be the “Missing Link” in Photographic Digital Imaging; I believe that it’s the way photography is headed in the future – With HDR, you are able to overcome the lower tonal dynamic range of most 16-bit images, giving them a

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