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Hello there!

By popular request, I am now offering Free Live and Interactive Webinars on subjects related to Photoshop, Digital Printing, and Color Management.

These webinars will allow you to watch the desktop of my computer “real-time”  and listen to me as I explain what I am doing.  At the same time, if you have any questions, you can type your question, and I will answer it!  I will be doing a minimum of 2 webinars per week.

These webinars are “browser-based” on your computer, and are limited to 15 participants per session to allow plenty of interaction between you and me via chat.  Shortly before the webinar, you will receive by email a PDF with appropriate notes for the session, including simple instructions on how the webinar functions.  Each webinar session will last approximately one hour.

For more information and to sign up, Click here or on the Tab above…


John 🙂


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