Creating Custom Printer Profiles for Photoshop CS6 / CC

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Updated: 03/01/15
I’ll keep it simple: You cannot use Photoshop CS6 / CC to create your Custom Printer Profile – the “why” is too complicated to get into, but the “No Color Management” option no longer exists (CS4 and earlier), and there is not a “workaround” such as that used in CS5.
So you have three choices:

1) The Best Choice:
  Use an older version of Photoshop to create your Profile – Yes, you can install more than one version of Photoshop on your computer;  you just can’t open them at the same time.
2) The Not-So-Good Choice:  Use the Adobe Color Print Utility.   This is incredibly “buggy” software, and rarely works properly – use it as a last resort if you have a Mac, and not at all if you have a PC.   Adobe ACPU Download

3) For more on this subject / using PhotoFiltre, etc., go to my Custom Printer Profile service page.


Once your profile is CREATED properly using another program,
it can USED in any program that incorporates Color Management,
including Photoshop CS6 / CC and Lightroom.


By the way, if you need Custom Printer Profiles, that’s a service that I provide:  Click here – More ideas on that page …. enjoy!




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