‘So who is this John Watts character, and why should I listen to him?”

An excellent question!

A wee bit about me: I am 51 years old, and I’m a blessed man. I am married to my bride, Marilyn, and we have three great daughters: Jenna (29 and married to Marcus), Cassie (21, and a senior in college), and Vickie (20, and a sophomore in college).

I have been privileged over the last 24+ years to work in partnership with some of the world’s finest photographers. I also have a knack for making superior color prints for these photographers, as well as many serious “amateurs”.

It’s safe to say that I’ve learned a few things over the years…

So, the question: Why should you listen to me? The same reason that you listen to your Doctor: Training and Experience. Like your Doc, I’ve learned what generally works and what doesn’t. Also, like your doc, I’m constantly learning new things, and listening to new ideas (A Doctor “practices” medicine, after all!) – hence, this blog.

It is safe to say that the tools I used 24+ years ago are NOT the same tools I use now. At my core, I’m a custom photographic printer. As I am using newer and more innovative tools and methods to achieve the desired printed result, I’m not only willing to share what I know, but willing to learn from you, also.

It’s an axiom that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – It’s also a lie! I’m constantly learning new things everyday!

Let’s share these “tricks” together…

John Watts



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