Straighten the Horizon in your Digital Images using Photoshop CC


Updated 08/25/21

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Is the horizon in your digital image not straight? If not, it can be very distracting. Here’s an easy way to straighten it in Photoshop:


1) Activate the Crop Tool & press the “Straighten” icon in the Options Bar. Clear the “Width, Height, & Resolution” values.


2) While holding down your left mouse button, draw a line along the horizon (or vertical) in your image.


3) When you let up off your mouse button, your image is straightened and cropped so that the Crop Box fills the image. If you need to reshape your Crop Box, do it now – otherwise, just leave it alone.


4) Commit to the Crop by pressing the “Commit” button (the “check mark”) in the Options Bar.


Viola! Your horizon is now straight! By the way, this technique works equally well if you need to straighten vertically, such as architectural photography.




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