Monitor Calibration Packages for Photographers?

A question from Maritie in San Diego:What monitor calibration package would you recommend? Oh, and can you suggest a medium cost one that will do the job, and not a professional one that will cost an arm and a leg?

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Answer: I’m very partial to the X-Rite Eye One Display 2, and this is a perfect time to think about buying one, as the price is about half of what it used to be:

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It’s technically a “discontinued” item, which is why the price has dropped quite a bit lately ( to $110-$125) – But don’t let that deter you – I’ve used this product for years – this is a robust piece of gear that has a great track record. BTW, the replacement, the  i1Display Pro, is $250, and has advanced features that you probably won’t really need.

Another option is the Spyder3Elite. Although the package does an excellent job, I personally don’t think the software is as user-friendly as the X-Rite product, nor can I find it at a heavily discounted price.

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