Photoshop Quick Tip: Changing Numerical Values & the Cursor


NOTE 06/14/23:  this is the first in a series of new posts called “Photoshop Quick Tips” – In this and further “Quick Tip” posts, you’ll you’ll discover basic but fundamental aspects of Photoshop presented in bite-sized pieces – – short, concise, succinct, and to-the-point – enjoy!


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Changing Numerical Values:


There are three main ways to change the numerical values in Photoshop’s various tools, adjustments and functions (and Adobe Camera RAW Plug-in):


    1. Move the desired slider with your left mouse button held down to increase or decrease the value.This works well for coarse adjustments.
    1. With your cursor active in the numerical value box, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to make small incremental changes.This works well for fine-tuning adjustments.
    1. Insert numerical values with your keypad manually in the appropriate box.This works well if you have a particular numerical value in mind, but is rarely used.


The example below is from a Levels adjustment Layer:




    • To move quickly between numerical fields, you can use the “Tab” key or the “Shift + Tab”
    • In certain adjustments, most notably in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) – To quickly return a value to its default or “zero” value, double-click on the “triangle-shaped” Slider for that value.




The Cursor:


Don’t like the Mouse Cursor Icon as it shows up in your image?  Can’t seem to find your cursor?  Or you keep clicking in the image, and something happens that you don’t expect?


Simply change the Tool in your Tools Panel to something less likely to give you a weird result if you click accidentally in your image. – – I like the Hand Tool (Speed Key “H”) and the Move tool (Speed Key “V”), and they’re both easy to see in your image.



    • In Image 1, the active tool is the Magic Wand Toolrepresented by the icon circled in red. – It’s fairly easy to see, but if you accidentally click in your image with it active, you’ll be making an unwanted selection.
    • In Image 2, the active tool is the Hand Tool – It’s very easy to see, and very hard to mess up your image, as it’s just a navigation tool.
    • In Image 3, the active tool is the Move Tool – It’s also easy to see, and, unless you’re into heavy-duty graphics not covered in this book, it’s also difficult to mess up your image.




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