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Updated 04-30-22:


•  Sorry, but this custom Panel is currently unavailable – but you can find a printable JPG  (and more!) here:


•  You can find more free useful downloads related to post-processing here:


What is the “Color Wheel”,  and why is it important in Photography?

The “Color Wheel” will help you visualize how the Primary Colors – – Red, Green and Blue – – and their corresponding Complementary Colors – – Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow – – interact with each other. It will help you better understand your color photography, particularly while in Photoshop or other post-processing software..

If you have Photoshop CS4 or CS5, you have the ability to use Custom Panels built using specialized Adobe software.  Here’s one with the Color Wheel on it  – You’ll also find handy links to both my website and my blog…

Place it where you want on your Photoshop Desktop – I placed the “Color wheel” Panel in the same group as the ‘Adjustments” and “Masks” Panel, shown in the illustration above.

Click here to download for your appropriate Photoshop version – Included in the download are installation instructions as well as basic concepts on how to use the Color Wheel.  Enjoy!


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