Photoshop: Profiling your Monitor is easier and cheaper than you think

03/21/19 – The information in this post
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There are 3 steps necessary to successful color managementProfiling your Monitor is “Step #1”.  But let’s face it:  the main reasons most people avoid profiling their monitor are because they’ve got to buy something, and they think it’s too complicated.

The truth is, it can be quite simple to get your monitor to match the output of your printer.  All you need are the right tools, the main one being a Monitor Profiling package,  which consists of a piece of hardware called a colorimeter, and the software to go with it.

By the way, if you’re new to Color Management, or want to know more about the process (and see how easy it is to profile your monitor), here’s a link to my FREE PDF, “The 3 Steps to Successful Color Management” –   Click here

Here are 2 recommendations for Monitor Profiling packages, either of which will do an excellent job:


1)  X-Rite i1 Display Pro –   I love X Rite products, and this is the one I use.  It costs around $225 street price, and is available from Amazon, B&H Photo, etc.  Click here for more from X-rite.


2) Datacolor Spyder5Elite – Around $225 street price – Although the package does an excellent job, I personally don’t think the software is as user-friendly as the X-Rite product.  Click here for more from Datacolor.


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