“Study” Video: Photoshop 101 – Class 4: Master File Creation & Workflow




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•  Master File Creation and Proper Workflow should be essential elements in how you approach and use Photoshop, regardless of the version.


•  Creating a Master File is NOT for every image: it’s for those images that you want to spend time with, doing all that’s necessary to make your image “pretty”.


•  Here’s where you pour your artistic “blood, sweat and tears” into your image – more on Master File Creation here: https://blog.main.wattsdigital.com/?p=1853

… and on my webpage: https://wattsdigital.com/master-file-creation

For a free PDF of the extensive notes that accompany the video below
(including a Workflow Chart & Table of Contents), click here:



This video was recorded live on April 9th, 2020
via the San Diego Photoshop Meetup:


Total length: 1 hour & 14 minutes long


 In case you weren’t there on April 9th, here’s what we did: we took 8 images from attendees, and created Master files for each one, using the flowchart from my Photoshop book.  We also answered questions from attendees.


•  This particular video perfectly encapsulates how best to use Photoshop for the Photographer, with a diverse range of images. Think of it as a conglomeration of the other 3 “Photoshop 101” Meetup classes (plus an upcoming book & classes focused solely on Layer Masks) – there’s tons of great information in this video!


•  Think of it as a “study” video, if you will – heck, it’s an hour & twenty minutes long! You can download copious notes (see link above), including a Workflow Chart and Table of Contents – – just in case you cannot watch it all in one sitting, or need to refer back to it (and you will!).


•  Also, unlike the “live” event, you’ll see full-on annotations, key points highlighted, and other stuff not seen at the time of recording – enjoy!




•  Wanna see more free Photoshop videos like the one above?



•  Here’s more info about my free live & online Photoshop Meetups:



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2 thoughts on ““Study” Video: Photoshop 101 – Class 4: Master File Creation & Workflow

  1. Hi John,

    I am trying to power through all of the classes posted on your website/blog. I’m bringing my raw files in to do the initial editing as you show in this video. However I do not see/can’t find the icons listed above “basic”. You refer to the lens correction. I don’t have any of those icons showing. Where are they?

    Thanks! Roz

  2. Hello Roz,

    Thx for contacting me!

    In June of last year, Adobe radically redesigned the ACR interface. The video you watched was recorded in April, so it shows the “old” interface.

    To learn more about the new interface, I created a short video & blogpost here: https://blog.main.wattsdigital.com/?p=3025 – hopefully, this will help.

    Here’s a list of all of the “Photoshop 101” recordings – https://www.wattsdigital.com/photoshop101videos.html – any videos recorded after 06/22 will use the new interface.

    For another Class 4 recording using the new Interface, check out the recording from 06/24/20 under “Here are more “Class 4″ Recordings:”

    I hope this helps – any other questions, please contact me …

    Thx again, and cheers,

    JW 🙂

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