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Updated 04/01/22




Now you’re able to sit in front of your computer and spend time learning any aspect of Photoshop “one-on-one” from John Watts – live and interactive, from the comfort of your home or office – using GoToMeetings’ simple interface and the power of the Internet.


More here: https://wattsdigital.com/1-on-1-web-instruction


     •  We’ll be working on YOUR images, and at YOUR pace – plus, you can be assured of privacy, since we’re NOT sharing webcams – only our voices & monitors! 


     •  Subject ideas: Build a “Master File” from A to Z, Layer Mask Basics,  Proper Cropping techniques, Dodging & Burning, and so on.  For more ideas, see the Table of Contents from my book, or check out my blog.




•  Want to see Photoshop in action?  Check out my “Photoshop 101” series of FREE online & live Photoshop Meetups – available nationwide:



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