Camera RAW 16.0 – Adobe Finally Gets It Right! WITH VIDEO


•  Note 1:  If you wanna see the functions of Adobe Camera Raw in action (with YouTube Video), then this separate post/video will show you the nuts & bolts of the overall Workspace:

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There’s a new version of Adobe Camera RAW, version 16.0.   It has exciting exciting new changes to the Workspace – it’s a more practical & logical interface!  Frankly, I’ve been asking for these changes for years!


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Here’s the biggest change – the “Basic” Panel (in the Old Panel configuration) has been split into 3 separate Panels (in the New  Panel configuration):  “Light”, “Color” & “Effects”.

To me, Adobe finally gets it right – the new Panel additions & order reflect a proper post-processing Workflow for Photographers.

•  Why? If you adjust the Color in your image first, then adjust the Exposure & Contrast, the Color you originally chose will probably be thrown out of whack.

•  However, if you adjust the Exposure & Contrast in your image first, then adjust the Color, you’ll rarely throw off what you originally set for Exposure & Contrast.

•  With that in mind, you should work on the first two Panels in the order shown in the Workspace: Start by adjusting the “Light” Panel FIRST, then adjust the “Color” Panel.  Remember: it’s imperative to adjust the Exposure & Contrast first, then the Colornot the other way around!


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MUCH more info in the short (2 minute) YouTube video above – enjoy!




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