New to Photoshop? Need a “Lesson Plan”? Read this Post!




•  Are you brand new to Photoshop?  A total beginner?  Or, are you just digging into the program, and not sure what to do next?  Or, are you having challenges with the “basics”?


•  Do you need guidance – a “Lesson Plan”, if you will – on how to learn Photoshop for Photographers?  Do you need a “Photoshop Coach”?


If so, read on …


•  Photoshop is indeed a complex program – but as a photographer, you’re only going to need to use 10-15% of the programs’ functionality to achieve your best results, and the rest can pretty much be ignored.


•  Why listen to me?  Here’s a brief bio: –   Bottom line:  if you want the ABSOLUTE BEST output from your files, especially for high-quality digital photographic printing, then I’m your guy.


•  This post is the result of a powerfully simple question from Helen C., shown below.  In my answer, I’ll show you the 3 points integral to the suggested “Lesson Plan”.  If you follow these in the order shown, it’ll greatly assist you in developing a strong foundation in (and working knowledge of) Photoshop.




So, here is the original question:


Hi John,


I’m almost a total beginner at Photoshop, with almost no experience at all.  Where do I start?  Do you have any classes for that ailment ?




Helen C.




And my answer (the 3-point “Lesson Plan”):


Howdy Helen,


Well, hey – – you’ve come to the right place – this is right up my alley – consider this a Photoshop “Lesson Plan” for beginners  🙂



1)  The first thing I’d suggest is to attend my FREE live & online “Photoshop 101” Meetup webinars – AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE!  There are 5 of them total, 1.5 hours each, and we have them every 2 to 3 weeks copious notes are always included. We have photographers attending from all over the nation!


You’ll find even more information about them here, too: – they’re a systematic plan to help you learn PS properly. Think of these as the “I-just-got-Photoshop-now-what?” seminars – even if you don’t attend them sequentially.


2)  If attending “live” is an issue (OR if you want to watch & study recordings of past Meetups that you’ve attended), I’ve archived quite a few free recordings of recent “Photoshop 101” Meetups here (all 5 classes, with links to downloadable notes):


3)  In addition, I also have my blog (which is where you’re reading this).  This is the “educational” website for my business– here, you’ll find answers on specific subjects to “fine-tune” the learning process, learn some of my “philosophies”, and more:




Note that the 3 items mentioned above are ALL “free” …


•  As far as the learning process is concerned, they require effort on YOUR part (hey, nothing worth doing properly is easy, right?)  …


•  BUT, I can still steer you in the right direction (via the Meetups / recordings / blog / email) with suggested “homework”, and so on.  I can keep you focused on the goals of learning this crazy program – again, think of me as a “Photoshop  Coach” …




Once you’ve explored the “free” side of the educational tools …


•  I’ll show you other ways you can learn Photoshop that involve “greenback$” (hey, a guy’s gotta eat, lol!), such as:

      1. My Photoshop Book (available on Amazon)
      2. Online Small Group Workshops
      3. Online One-on-one Instruction
      4. And so much more – –

 … ALL are more than reasonably priced.




In closing: If you follow these 3 points in the “Lesson Plan” to assist you in learning Photoshop, I strongly believe that you’re setting yourself up for success!




•  Want to see Photoshop in action?  Check out my “Photoshop 101” series of FREE online & live Photoshop Meetups – available nationwide:


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•  By the way, this is all based on my Photoshop book designed for photographers, “Not just another Photoshop Book”available exclusively on Amazon:


Questions? Please contact me – also, feel free to comment and tell your photography friends!


Thx again, and cheers,


John Watts 🙂



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