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02-01-23 – The answer to this post is still relevant, but has been further updated – here


Here’s another excellent email from Rachel, a client, which clarifies the previous post:

My prints are consistently darker than they appear on my monitor and I have been using lumens 140, 6500 Kelvin and 2.2 gamma settings. I use an LCD monitor. What settings do you suggest I try when I calibrate with the Gretag Macbeth Eye One?

And my answer…

I would recommend a “starting” setting of 5500K, 110 Lumens, and 2.2 gamma .. I say “starting” because each system is a bit different, and you will see trends. For instance, you’re seeing a trend now as your prints are consistently coming out dark, so you need to lower your lumens value.

A few things to note – I’m assuming that all the other factors in your color management “chain” are set up properly – – soft-proofing, lighting conditions, a printer profile (custom or canned) … If that is the case, then you “customize” your settings in the Eye One software as you calibrate and profile your monitor…

I also suggested 5500K – -You might find that 6500K works better for you – – If your color looks great after using a new lumens value, leave it alone…If your prints are consistently warmer than your monitor, try 5500K instead…


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