Photoshop Workflow for Photographers

        One of the critical factors in using Photoshop properly is to Standardize your Workflow: Contrast should be adjusted before Color Correction, Cropping should be done before Sharpening, and so on.   With that in mind, you’ll find a handy downloadable Photoshop Workflow Chart below, designed specifically for Photographers.   •  By the way, the picture above is a visual representation of a proper workflow for photographers – the downloadable version below is a detailed “step-by-step” checklist.   ___________   Notice that the downloadable Workflow Chart is divided into 4 sections which further clarify a proper workflow (see vertical boxes

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Color Management 101 for Photographers

    What is it, and why do you need it?   One of the critical elements in successfully bringing an image from camera to its printed form is Color Management.   •  Proper Color Management will allow you to print with a great degree of consistency and repeatability, whether it’s on your home inkjet photo printer or through a custom print lab.   •  It allows you to print what you see on your monitor with a large degree of accuracy.  The old adage, “WYSIWYG” (What You See Is What You Get) readily applies when you’re properly color-managed.  

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Using “Zones” in Photoshop

    The method / procedure described below is inspired by the great Ansel Adams’ Zone System – – consider this the post-processing “digital equivalent” for Photoshop (see more here, near the bottom) …   Also, this blogpost is material straight from my personalized online Small Group Workshop, “The Power of Layer Masks in Photoshop”:   ___________________   By dividing your image into separate “Zones” of contrast, color, density (brightness), sharpness, etc., you’ll have complete creative control, performance & flexibility over how your overall image looks.    •  These “Zones” are created by shaping your Layer Masks, and you’ll usually have multiple Adjustment

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File Backup Strategies for Photographers

      Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy …   I was 13 years old when man triumphantly walked on the moon. One of the finer attributes of NASA and the space program at the time was the concept of redundancy.   It was one of the reasons that Apollo 13, despite all of its incredible challenges, made it back safely. There was a backup for every system, and even the backups were frequently backed up. In the harsh and unforgiving environment of outer space, nothing was left to chance.   You should be treating your digital files the same way. This lack

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New to Photoshop? Need a “Lesson Plan”? Read this Post!

      •  Are you brand new to Photoshop?  A total beginner?  Or, are you just digging into the program, and not sure what to do next?  Or, are you having challenges with the “basics”?   •  Do you need guidance – a “Lesson Plan”, if you will – on how to learn Photoshop for Photographers?   If so, read on …   •  Photoshop is indeed a complex program – but as a photographer, you’re only going to need to use 10-15% of the programs’ functionality to achieve your best results, and the rest can pretty much be

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How to Accurately Crop in Photoshop CC – with VIDEO

  Updated – 10/15/21 – with Video:       The Crop Tool allows you to crop to a portion of an image to enhance the subject matter, remove an unwanted object, and/or improve your composition.   Cropping your image in Photoshop is one of those rare functions that has both creative AND procedural aspects to it.  This blogpost is about the procedural – the “How-to”.   Once you fully understand the “How-to”, the creative aspect is yours to discover & explore as a photographer.   Where to Find:   The Crop Tool can be found in the Tools Panel, or by

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How (& why) I use Adobe Bridge – NOT Lightroom

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to an abundance of requests (especially since I’m not a big proponent of Lightroom), I submit the following post for your consideration … ___________________   Amongst the vast majority of photographers, the 2 most popular programs used in selecting, culling & identifying those awesome images deserving of a Master File (created in Photoshop) are Bridge & Lightroom.   When it comes to digital post-processing, I’m a YUGE advocate of the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) method – – life is complicated enough, don’t ya think?   So, I use Bridge exclusively (rather than Lightroom), mainly for its sheer simplicity.  Even as a graphics professional, I don’t

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“Study” Video – Photoshop 101, Class 2: Control your Contrast & Color

    So, have you ever asked yourself, “What makes a good color print, and how do I use the basics of Photoshop to achieve my desired results?”   If so, then this video is for you! Using the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) method, you’ll learn how to take well-exposed digital images and improve them, sometimes dramatically, with just a few key but critical functions.   When it comes to a good color print, it’s essential that you know what you’re aiming for before you can properly use the tools in Photoshop. I mean, what IS color, anyway?? Get

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“Study” Video – Photoshop 101, Class 1: The Foundation

      •  New to Photoshop? Need to brush up on the basics? Then you should watch this video to learn some foundational stuff!   •  This is the first of 5 free “I-just-got-Photoshop-now-what” online Meetups – recorded live, ALL focusing on the fundamentals.   •  Think of this Meetup as the Roadmap to Photoshop – – I’ll show you how to effectively navigate through a complex program, showing those functions you really need and want as a photographer. You’ll learn what’s important and what you can ignore. Without this Roadmap, you’ll truly be lost.   •  We’re going to talk

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Lightroom to Photoshop Migration (& safely back) …

    FYI, this is Part 3 of a 3-part series on this subject – –    I’d encourage you you to check out these 2 previous blogposts first to put things in their proper context:   •  “Photoshop vs Lightroom?  Wrong Question!”   •  “Photoshop vs Lightroom?  Wrong Question! – – Part 2”   ____________________________   Those that have worked with me know that I have a “love/hate” relationship with Lightroom  (mostly hate, because of it’s continued mis-use!).     I am not fond of the program (an understatement!), and personally don’t use it (I use Bridge, mainly for its sheer simplicity).      I

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