Photoshop CC: Setting up your Workspace with Panels – Video Tutorial


Updated: 09/01/22, and still relevant today!


Note: Feeling adventurous?  You should definitely watch the video, but perhaps I can save you some time – once a small file, “WD Basic 1.psw”, is properly loaded on your computer, only the 9 “essential” Panels discussed in the video will show up in your Photoshop Workspace.  Easy installation instructions included (link near the bottom):




Think of Panels as “miniature workspaces”, each accomplishing a different function.  There are almost two dozen different panels available to you, but in the spirit of K.I.S.S., I would suggest that you start with just nine, and add those you deem necessary as you gain more experience with Photoshop.


Below is a representation of the panels I would suggest that you set up on your Photoshop desktop to create a proper Workspace:


1.    Tools panel
2.    Layers panel
3.    History panel
4.    Actions panel
5.    Navigator panel
6.    Info panel
7.    Histogram panel
8.    Adjustments Panel
9.    Properties Panel


To learn how and why, check out this video:




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