Psssst, Hey, Buddy, Wanna Buy A Printer?


Ok, Ok, Everyday I get asked what kind of inkjet printer someone should buy. Let me answer the question with one word : EPSON

No, I’m not a paid shill for Epson (I wish!). I’m basing this on the various printers that I’ve worked with and profiled. If you are looking to purchase an inkjet printer soon, you can’t go wrong with virtually any Epson photo printer.

This is not to say that your HP or Canon is worthless – FAR, FAR from it – I’ve seen excellent prints come out of quite a few. This recommendation is for those folks who are getting ready to purchase a new printer.

Ok, so which printer should you buy, you ask? Whether you are looking at Epson or another brand, it basically depends on three factors: 1) Your budget, 2) The largest paper size your expect to print, and 3) The inkset that you need.

#1 – Budget: Well, what can I say? Other than to say you should expect to spend a minimum of $400 to get the quality you will want. The more you spend, the more features you’ll get.

#2 – Paper size: What’s the largest print size that you expect to print on a regular basis? Also, will you only print on sheet paper, or will you need the avantages of buying your paper in rolls (cost savings, the ability to print panoramics)?

#3 – Inksets: Just make sure you are buying a printer with archival inksets, such as Epson’s Ultrachrome line. Past that, you can buy specialty inksets, such as portrait inksets, or those formulated for black and white.

I hope this helps, and let me know what YOU think…Please leave feedback or email me if you have a more specific question…

“Thanks for listenin’ ” … 🙂

John Watts


3 thoughts on “Psssst, Hey, Buddy, Wanna Buy A Printer?

  1. Thanks for the quick tip. Probably what most people expected as well. It would be great if you could go into a little detail. For example, I have had severe problems with clogging print heads on Canon and would like to learn if Epson has similar problems. Thank you.

  2. I used to have an Epson printer and had very bad ink clogging problems. Finished up ditching the Epson and purchasing a Canon. Haven’t had any ink clogging problems with the Canon but the print quality isn’t nearly as good as the Epson. I wish now that I had just gone out and purchased another Epson as I knew the print results were good.

  3. I have used Epson printers for years and just recently bought another, the R1800 to go along with my R800. These are excellent printers and produce great prints.
    I have had one machine with clogging problems, a 925, but realize one problem was that it was not being used often enough. We travel quite a bit, but I have had no problem with ink clogging, even after 4 weeks of idle time on the printer. I read to place the printer in a garbage bag and place a glass of water partially filled with water in the bag. It works in our area with our low humidity levels and thus very dry air. The printers have never failed to print immediatly when we return home.

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