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Class 5 is a “2-Fer”:


1) Color Management 101 (One Hour):


•  Proper Color Management allows you to accurately reproduce what you see on your monitor in printed form, whether it is to your photo inkjet printer or files you send to a custom lab. Being able to print with a great degree of consistency and accuracy saves you time, frustration, and money.


•  The old adage, “WYSIWYG” (What You See Is What You Get) readily applies when you are properly color-managed. John will show you the 3 steps to successful Color Management and how to implement these into your Photoshop workflow, in a style that even the most die-hard “non-techie” can enjoy and understand.


2) Editing for Success (1/2 Hour):


•  The second part of this Meetup will focus on the concepts of proper image editing –  or, how do I know which of my many images are ultimately deserving of a Master File?


•  So, you just got back from a photo shoot, and you’ve got all these hundreds (thousands?) of wonderful images – now what? How do you properly sift through all of your images, critically pick the absolute best ones, and then make the most out of them using Photoshop?


•  When it comes to a great final image, it’s important to be a tough “self-editor” of your images, and then knowing what you’re aiming for before you can properly use the tools in Photoshop.


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This video was recorded live & online on 06/03/20,

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Total length: 1 hour & 20 minutes long



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