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  • Got an iPhone, iPad or a Smartphone?
  • Been playing with the Camera and Photo Apps?
  • Been intrigued by the power of your phone camera?
  • Wanna share your favorite pics, apps and social sites?
  • Wanna participate in smartphone photo contests with prizes?

 You’ve found the place…

 This is “just for fun”, but we can also learn something about photography & Photoshop … Smartphone and tablet cameras (and particularly the iPhone) have done quite a few things for photography – Just think: Your camera is always with you, and the simplicity of the cameras and apps allow us to get back to the basics and substance of photography and Photoshop – no major bulk or even “bells and whistles” like our DSLR’s and full-version programs.

This year at the San Diego County Fair Exhibition of Photography (where I’ve had the honor of being a judge and presenter for many years), I saw the power of the smartphone camera up close: There was a new “Cell Phone Camera” category, and the results were phenomenal, both in terms of photography and quality of the printed images.

So, let’s all tap into this, have fun and learn something!

There are 3 ways to participate:  Forums,  Galleries  and  Contests …


Forum / Galleries

We’ll use this post on my blog as a “gathering place”, to sound off, and to “show off” your images (There will be matching galleries on this blogpost as well as my webpage).

Feel free to comment or ask questions anytime! Tell us what phone and apps you use – lets’s share…

 And if you’d like to have your images posted in the gallery, just email them to me, (or click to my upload page below), make sure they meet the “rules” below, and put “iPhone Photo Gallery” in the subject line.

 And even though the focus is on the iPhone, let’s hear from other smartphone camera users!


 iPhone Photo Contests

Each month, I’ll sponsor an iPhone Photo contest with a different subject or theme. Oh, and I’ll announce each month’s subject and deadline in my monthly newsletter, so if you’re not on my mailing list, click here or check back here frequently.

This Month’s (November’s) Contest Theme:

“Summer Fun”

Due by Wednesday, November 30th

Winner gets a $50 Gift Certificate

from Watts Digital Imaging!

Rules: The rules are simple: 1) You must use a smartphone or tablet camera and 2) You must do all of your post-processing magic in the smartphone or tablet with whatever app(s) you want to use (such as “Photoshop Express”) – Anything goes on the smartphone or tablet apps, but you cannot use your computer to work on your image!

Judges: This month, my wife Marilyn is the Judge. If you’d like to be a “guest judge” for future contests, please email me!

To Enter: Simply email the file(s) to me, or click to my upload page below. Please put “iPhone Photo Contest” in the subject line / instructions, along with a brief description of camera and apps used. Please limit your entries to 2 images per month. There will be one winner each month. And don’t worry too much about resolution, size, etc – – just email or upload it straight from the camera.

Be creative, and let’s have some fun!!!

 Click Here to Upload your File(s) …

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