Photoshop Quick Tip: Opening, Duplicating & Renaming Files


NOTE 06/21/23:  this is the second in a series of new posts called “Photoshop Quick Tips” – In this and further “Quick Tip” posts, you’ll discover basic but fundamental aspects of Photoshop presented in bite-sized pieces – – short, concise, succinct, and to-the-point – enjoy!


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3 Main Ways to Open a File in Photoshop:


  • Go to the “File” Menu -> “File” -> “Open …” – choose your file, and press “Open” in the Dialog Box.


  • Double-click on the Workspace background to bring up the “Open …” Dialog Box.


  • On a Mac: Create a Photoshop Icon in your Dock, then drag your desired file to it.

On a PC: Create a Photoshop Shortcut on your Desktop, then drag your desired file to it.


2 Ways to Duplicate a File:


  • In Photoshop: Go to the “Image” Menu -> “Duplicate …” and choose your desired filename.


  • On a Mac: Right-mouse click on your file, then choose “Duplicate” from the menu.

On a PC: Right-mouse click on your file, and choose “Copy” from the menu – then Right-mouse click anywhere, and choose “Paste” from the menu – your duplicated file will show up in the same general area / file location as your original, with the word “copy” included in the filename.


Rename a File:


  • The best way to rename a file is NOT in Photoshop, but in your computer’s operating system.


  • For both Mac and PC, simply right-mouse click on your file, choose “Rename” from the menu, and type in your new filename.




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