“How do I Navigate through my Image in Photoshop?”

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Question:I only see part of the image on my monitor because I’ve zoomed in or it’s blocked by panels, other images, etc. – How do I navigate around and see different parts of my image?

Answer: Use the The Navigator Panel in your Workspace –  it allows you to “navigate” around your image at large magnifications.  If it’s not in your Workspace, go to the “Window” menu -> “Navigator”.


  • When your image is enlarged bigger than your Document Window, simply drag the “Red Box” with your mouse to the desired location.


  • Notice that the magnification of your image shows at the bottom, along with Sliders to zoom out /reduce and zoom in / enlarge.


  • This is also a good time to review the basic navigation “Speed Keys”, as this is where you’ll use them in conjunction with the Navigator Panel:





View: (Mac in Parentheses)


Control (Command) + ” + ”         Enlarge Image Size / Zoom In


 Control (Command) + ” – ”         Reduce Image Size / Zoom Out


 Control (Command) + ” 0 ”       Fit to Monitor Screen


“F” Key (Not in Elements)           Toggle through screen modes


 “Tab” Key                                       Toggle to Show/Hide all Panels




 “Navigator” Panel                      Drag with mouse to desired location


“Space Bar” Key
+ Left Mouse Button                 
Drag with mouse to desired location   




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