Not a Fan of Photoshop Speed Keys? Here are the 10 Essential Ones …

Updated 08/24/21



Most people have a love / hate relationship with Speed Keys, regardless of the software program.  But they’re called Speed Keys for a reason – they can save you lots of time with repetitive functions.


You should get into the habit of using a few basic Speed Key Combinations: Once you start to memorize these, you’ll significantly increase the speed with which you work.


There are hundreds of speed key combinations — Don’t be over-whelmed, as you only need a handful.  The 10 shown below are the ones that I believe you’ll find the most useful – and to me, essential.




Here are the 10 Essential Speed Keys (Mac in Parentheses), and what they do:


To Save your File:


•  Control (Command)  +  ” S “  – Save your File


To View your File:


•  Control (Command)  +  ” + “  – Enlarge Image Size


•  Control (Command)  +  ” – “  – Reduce Image Size


•  Control (Command)  +  ” 0 “  – Fit to Monitor Screen


•  “F” Key – Toggle through Standard & Full Screen Modes


•  “Tab” Key – Toggle to Show/Hide all Panels


Navigation though your file:


 “Navigator” Panel – Drag with mouse to desired location


•  “Space Bar” Key + Left Mouse Button – Drag with mouse to desired location


Overall Process:


•  “Arrow” Keys  – Use to make small changes in:

a)  numerical values in menus 

b)  position of crop guides while using crop tool 


 Control (Command) + “Z” – Undo a History Step -Works in more than just Photoshop!


By the way, feel free to copy this page, or you can print the Speed Keys out (and more!) here:



… more on the Workflow Chart for Photographers:


… and here are more free useful downloads for photographic post-processing:




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