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One of the critical factors in using Photoshop properly is to Standardize your Workflow: Contrast should be adjusted before Color Correction, Cropping should be done before Sharpening, and so on.


With that in mind, you’ll find a handy downloadable Photoshop Workflow Chart below, designed specifically for Photographers.


•  By the way, the picture above is a visual representation of a proper workflow for photographers – the downloadable version below is a detailed “step-by-step” checklist.




Notice that the downloadable Workflow Chart is divided into 4 sections which further clarify a proper workflow (see vertical boxes on left-hand side of page):


1) Open File in Adobe Camera RAW Plugin-In (ACR)

2) Optimize File in Adobe Camera RAW Plugin-In (ACR)

3) Optimize Master File in Photoshop

4) Work with your Master File in Photoshop


•  You may also want to get in the habit of using a few basic Speed Keys: Once you start to memorize the most common ones, you’ll significantly increase the speed with which you work – but you only need a handful!  Those shown in the Workflow Chart are the ones that I believe you’ll find the most useful – more on the 10 Essential Speed Keys in this blogpost:




Here’s a link to the downloadable Workflow Chart PDF (or click on the image below):


•  I’d also suggest that you print out & make a “hard copy” of the Workflow Chart – you’ll be using it on a regular basis.


•  By the way, you’ll notice that the Workflow Chart is centered around building a proper Master File – more at this blogpost:





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