Monitor Calibration Packages for Photographers?

A question from Maritie in San Diego: “What monitor calibration package would you recommend? Oh, and can you suggest a medium cost one that will do the job, and not a professional one that will cost an arm and a leg?” 03/21/19 – The answer to this post has been updated, WITH VIDEO – Click here Answer: I’m very partial to the X-Rite Eye One Display 2, and this is a perfect time to think about buying one, as the price is about half of what it used to be: Amazon        B&H It’s technically a “discontinued” item, which is

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Here’s my Photoshop and Color Management Seminar Schedule at the 2011 San Diego County Fair

  It’s time for the San Diego County Fair Exhibition of Photography, and this year I am again honored to be a judge. And again this year, I am going to be giving a number of Photoshop and Color Management seminars – – If you are in Southern California during the fair, come on by – – I’d love to see you there! Click Here to download a PDF of my schedule … Cheers, John 🙂

Live Photoshop and Color Management Chat

Got a burning question about Photoshop? Having challenges with a Color Management issue? Need to know more about my Products and Services? Need Live Photoshop or Color Management Technical Support? Help is here! When I am online (which is quite a bit!),  you can talk to me via Live Chat … Just click on the red floating Chat Box at the bottom right of the website… Hope to hear from you soon, Cheers, John 🙂

Going from RAW Converter to Photoshop – What To Do in Each Program?

As many of you know, I’m a big proponent of shooting in RAW for your important images.  With that in mind, here’s a very good question from one of my clients, Frank Carter of Wilmington, North Carolina… After trying out and testing 3 different RAW converters (DXO, Capture NX 2 and Adobe Camera Raw 5.2 in Photoshop CS4) I decided to take your advice and upgrade to Photoshop CS4.  I have a question:  Adobe Camera Raw 5.2 has so many adjustments – Do you make a lot of adjustments in RAW or just a few basic adjustments and then use

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More Free Photoshop Webinars Added – – “Working with RAW” & “What’s New in Photoshop CS4”

FYI – Just added: “Working with Photoshop’s ‘Adobe Camera RAW’ Plug-In” “What’s New in Photoshop CS4?” For More Information and to Sign Up, Click Here… I’d also strongly recommend that you sign up right away – – Each Webinar is limited to 10 participants and fill up quickly. Cheers, John 🙂

Free Live and Interactive Webinars…

  01/04/21 – Updated – – see this link: _______________   Hello there! By popular request, I am now offering Free Live and Interactive Webinars on subjects related to Photoshop, Digital Printing, and Color Management. These webinars will allow you to watch the desktop of my computer “real-time”  and listen to me as I explain what I am doing.  At the same time, if you have any questions, you can type your question, and I will answer it!  I will be doing a minimum of 2 webinars per week. These webinars are “browser-based” on your computer, and are limited

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