Just Added: Free Webinar on Photoshop Curves…

I just added a new free Webinar on Photoshop Curves – – Come and explore the power of Curves, and enjoy a whole new dimension to what you can accomplish! Here are the other subjects being covered right now: Photoshop – Keep It Simple! Color Management 101 What’s New in Photoshop CS4 Layer Masks Working with RAW Images To see what it’s all about, see a short sample video and to sign up, Click Here – – And remember, It’s FREE!!! Cheers, John 🙂

More Free Photoshop Webinars Added – – “Working with RAW” & “What’s New in Photoshop CS4”

FYI – Just added: “Working with Photoshop’s ‘Adobe Camera RAW’ Plug-In” “What’s New in Photoshop CS4?” For More Information and to Sign Up, Click Here… I’d also strongly recommend that you sign up right away – – Each Webinar is limited to 10 participants and fill up quickly. Cheers, John 🙂

Pssst – – Wanna Buy a Legal and Full Copy of Photoshop CS3 – Cheap?

Now that I’ve got your attention… 🙂 If you’re reading this, you may fall into one of two categories: 1) You are using someone else’s illegal “copy” of PS, and cannot legally upgrade, or 2) You are brand new to the program, ready to “take the plunge”, and start learning how it works. Either way, the $650+ price tag is holding you back. You can get a full and legal copy of CS3 for 1/2 to 2/3 of the cost, and here’s how: Buy an unregistered full copy of Photoshop 7 or later, register it, then buy the CS3 upgrade…

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