More Free Photoshop Webinars Added – – “Working with RAW” & “What’s New in Photoshop CS4”

FYI – Just added: “Working with Photoshop’s ‘Adobe Camera RAW’ Plug-In” “What’s New in Photoshop CS4?” For More Information and to Sign Up, Click Here… I’d also strongly recommend that you sign up right away – – Each Webinar is limited to 10 participants and fill up quickly. Cheers, John 🙂

New Free Photoshop Webinars Added…

Well, I had my first Webinar last Tuesday – – It was a blast!  Everyone learned something (including me!), and I’m looking forward to doing this on a regular basis… I just added Webinars on Color Management and Layer Masks – – Sign Up and Enjoy! – – It’s Free! Cheers, John 🙂

Color Management 101, Part II: Printer Profiles in Photoshop

06/22/21 – This post has been updated:   This is the 2nd of 3 posts on implementing proper Color Management into your Photoshop workflow. In the last post, we discussed the Three Steps to Successful Color Management as well as how to properly Profile your Monitor. Now let’s talk about Printer Profiles… Step 2) Use the Proper Printer Profile or Create a Custom Printer Profile A Printer Profile makes the most out of your printer’s capabilities by characterizing the behavior of your printer/ink/paper combination. With a Printer Profile, in combination with the other elements of Color Management, you will

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