Photoshop – CS5 or Elements?

Question –   From Frank S. in Weymouth, MA: “From a photographer’s standpoint, what are the differences between the full version (i.e., CS 5) and the Elements version of Photoshop, and which would you recommend?”     Answer – The biggest consideration in deciding which version to purchase, of course, is price.  The full version (CS5) costs around $700, versus $100 for Elements – a considerable difference. If cost is not a major issue,  then I’d strongly recommend you invest in the full version – the “learning curve” is essentially the same between the 2 versions.  That being said, Elements is

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Here’s my Photoshop and Color Management Seminar Schedule at the 2011 San Diego County Fair

  It’s time for the San Diego County Fair Exhibition of Photography, and this year I am again honored to be a judge. And again this year, I am going to be giving a number of Photoshop and Color Management seminars – – If you are in Southern California during the fair, come on by – – I’d love to see you there! Click Here to download a PDF of my schedule … Cheers, John 🙂