Video – Photoshop 101, Class 2: Control your Contrast & Color – 05/27/20


So, have you ever asked yourself,
What makes a good color print, and how do I use
the basics of Photoshop to achieve my desired results?”


If so, then this video is for you! Using the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) method, you’ll learn how to take well-exposed digital images and improve them, sometimes dramatically, with just a few key but critical functions.


Download the notes for this video:


This video was recorded live on 05/27/20,
via the San Diego Photoshop for Photographers Meetup group.

Total length: 1 hour & 24 minutes long



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John Watts 🙂


One Response to “Video – Photoshop 101, Class 2: Control your Contrast & Color – 05/27/20”

  • David Fong:

    Hi John,

    I watched your Class 2 Contrast and Color video.
    Great content and many useful examples.
    I learned a lot and appreciate your generosity to share your experience for free.

    A few questions I have but maybe it’ll be answered in next few videos.

    First one, I see that your copied the background and then added layers.

    How to connect , link or group the new layers like hue/sat and levels to this
    background copy layer so that you just have to press the “eye” on the
    background copy layer to show all of the adjustments together as one group showing
    the image before and after ?

    Looking forward to seeing videos on the Camera Bridge/RAW
    and layer masks.



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