“Study” Video: Photoshop 101 – Class 4: Master File Creation & Workflow


For a free PDF of the extensive notes that accompany the video below
(including a Workflow Chart & Table of Contents), click here:





•  Master File Creation and Proper Workflow should be essential elements in how you approach and use Photoshop, regardless of the version.


•  Creating a Master File is NOT for every image: it’s for those images that you want to spend time with, doing all that’s necessary to make your image “pretty”.


•  Here’s where you pour your artistic “blood, sweat and tears” into your image – more on Master File Creation here: https://blog.main.wattsdigital.com/?p=1853

… and on my webpage: https://www.wattsdigital.com/masterfilecreation.html


This video was recorded live on April 9th, 2020
via the San Diego Photoshop Meetup:



 In case you weren’t there on April 9th, here’s what we did: we took 8 images from attendees, and created Master files for each one, using the flowchart from my Photoshop book.  We also answered questions from attendees.


•  This video perfectly encapsulates how best to use Photoshop for the Photographer, with a diverse range of images. Think of it as a conglomeration of the other 3 “Photoshop 101” Meetup classes (plus an upcoming book & classes focused solely on Layer Masks) – there’s tons of great information in this video!


•  Think of it as a “study” video, if you will – heck, it’s an hour & twenty minutes long! You can download copious notes (see link above), including a Workflow Chart and Table of Contents – – just in case you cannot watch it all in one sitting, or need to refer back to it (and you will!).


•  Also, unlike the “live” event, you’ll see full-on annotations, key points highlighted, and other stuff not seen at the time of recording – enjoy!




By the way, all of this is part of my Photoshop book designed for photographers,
“Not just another Photoshop Book”,
available exclusively on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HNLS1Q2




Questions? Please contact me – also,  feel free to comment!


Thx again, and cheers,


John Watts




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