Working with Palettes in Photoshop

  07/01/21 – although this info is generally still accurate, this post has been further updated in a new post, WITH VIDEO:   _________     Hello to all….What are Palettes? Think of Palettes as miniature workspaces, each accomplishing a different function. There are almost two dozen different palettes available to you. If you are new to Photoshop, then I would suggest, in the spirit of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple), that you start with just seven, and add those you deem necessary as you gain more experience. Below is a representation of the palettes I would suggest that

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The Power of Adjustment Layers in Photoshop, Part II

    04/02/20 Updated here:   ___________________   Here is a continuation of Part I concerning Adjustment Layers in Photoshop – – If you did not read the first post, I’d encourage you to do so. Two Ways to Create a New Layer: You can create a new Adjustment Layer by clicking on the “Create a New Adjustment Layer” button. An Adjustment Layer comes “pre–loaded” with a tool or function, as well as a Layer Mask (see this post and this post for more on Layer Masks). You will create your new layers with this button most of the

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